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Through a variety of drawing exercises and fun projects, students will hone their drawing skills, increase powers of observation, and be introduced to new drawing materials and concepts. Our still life project is a realistic pencil study where students learn how to draw actual forms in relation to one another, then complete their drawing by shading. Students learn basic drawing and shading techniques, perspective, and learn about the materials (i.e. different graphite hardness or softness).

Through figure drawing, students will learn about proportion and features of the human figure by observing themselves and others in various poses. They will also be introduced to new drawing materials, such as charcoal. Our detailed drawing project is growing our drawing skills through the study of an object close-up, almost to the point of abstraction. It teaches the students about the importance of detail, as well as teaching them how to use a grid to magnify one area of a photo. Through varied practice, by the end of this class your child will be on the path to becoming an experienced and well-developed artist.

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