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Created by Kids is excited to offer our Science Discovery Class! Through weekly hands-on experiments, students will be introduced to the wonder of simple machines, chemical reactions, and geological investigations. Following the steps in the Scientific Method, students will log their hypotheses and findings in their very own scientific journals, learning valuable problem-solving skills while also having fun! These quirky projects will inspire curiosity and creativity and have them shouting EUREKA! with every new discovery.

Each student will participate in team activities, like building a Rube Goldberg machine, growing cool crystals, and studying Leonardo da Vinci’s gravity-defying flying machines. They’ll also get the chance to make and take home unique projects, like hand-built beakers for experimenting, hand-made paper that will teach them about natural dyes and fibers, pinhole cameras that illustrate properties of light and color, a groovy lava lamp that will teach them about density, and of course, their scientific journal once the session is complete.

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