students-learn-creativity-through-drama-drawing-painting-music-and-movementChildren have an innate creativity that we revere and foster at Science, Language & Arts International School. The arts are integrated into every aspect of our teaching.

Dance is explored in social studies and music.

Language is practiced through drama, music, and movement.

Painting and drawing merge with geometry and science, where children are encouraged to experiment with materials and observe nuanced outcomes.

Our visual arts program has several key components, including:

  • Drawing from scientific observation
  • Color theory
  • Free exploration of art materials
  • Instruction in manipulation and care of tools
  • Sculpture
  • Study and appreciation of art

We pride ourselves on offering innovative and varied “institutes” that last weeks or months each school year, often with a direct link to a thematic unit. As with a healthy practice of art, our curriculum constantly evolves with us. Some highlights from our program include:

  • Inquiry Science Theater, an eight-week series led by teaching artists, where, through discussion, guided theater exercises, and their own ideas, children construct a theatrical piece that reflects, deepens, and embodies their knowledge of a scientific subject matter.
  • Buckets & Beats, a multi-level and multi-year stick drumming course that teaches children rhythm, coordination, and basic musical vocabulary and notation.
  • Yoga and meditation practice, a critical component of our executive function curriculum.
  • Music instruction with instruments including ukuleles, harmonicas, and keyboards.

All activities are carefully designed to promote the development of the forebrain, as well as core strength, proper breathing, balance, and body awareness. At SLA, all children are artists, and art knows no bounds.