students-learn-math-through-immersion-in-the-principles-language-concepts-and-skills-of-thinkingThe study of mathematics at Science, Language & Arts International School involves immersion in the principles, language, concepts, and skills of thinking with numbers at every grade level.

We systematically integrate age-appropriate hands-on activities with work on paper, problem-solving, and games, to ensure that children develop a deep understanding of the principles and patterns of arithmetic.

We help children use the tools of comprehension, reasoning, and practice to ensure mastery of key mathematical information.

Distinctive characteristics of our innovative math program include:

  • Mental arithmetic; this also features in our French and Mandarin language curriculum
  • Geometry and measurement
  • Visual literacy (interpretation and representation of data), integrated with science
  • An environment free of the mental crutches associated with electronic technology such as calculators, tablets, and computers

SLA’s math program ensures that children master the tools for thinking with numbers and instills in them a love of math. Our multi-layered, integrated curriculum challenges children and builds a fundamental understanding of our number system and how it works, as well as its myriad uses outside the classroom. We make sure that the patterns and organizing principles of our number system are not only learned and understood, but also embodied, and readily accessible for problem-solving both on paper and in everyday life.

“[My child] has been coming home every day chattering about numbers and wanting to play math games. As the parent of a girl, I’ve been worried about her feeling discouraged from loving math. But you guys have made math into an amazing experience for the kids.”
– Parent, Grade 1 student