motivating-students-to-think-critically-become-resourceful-problem-solversScience, Language & Arts International School’s dynamic and rigorous Middle School program motivates students to think critically and become resourceful problem-solvers. Incorporating STEM and arts, our curriculum aligns with the International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme (MYP) and is comprised of eight subject groups:

  • Sciences
  • Language acquisition
  • Arts
  • Mathematics
  • Language and literature
  • Individuals and societies, integrated with SLA’s equity curriculum
  • Physical and health education
  • Visual design

Community Service Projects

Students engage in community service projects throughout the school year. As part of the MYP Culminating Project, they examine a global problem and its local effect, then plan and execute a community service project to address it. As with our community service opportunities, our arts program and equity curriculum leverage community-based partnerships, allowing students to engage with the greater community for broad and meaningful exploration and expression.

Incorporating Technology in the Middle School

Middle schoolers at SLA benefit from our thoughtful approach to technology, which focuses on technological responsibility first, followed by technological literacy. Students are trained to synthesize writing, research, and technology skills to become effective and persuasive communicators. This aptitude aids them in negotiating the demands of school and life, and supports their individual expression.

Middle School Advisory Support Structure

In addition to increased academic expectations, the Middle School years are full of physical and emotional changes for our children. Middle School Advisory supports students during these critical stages and guides them in their decision-making. Students meet with a faculty advisor several times a week to discuss academic and social-emotional development and challenges. ​

Advisory provides a support structure and access to resources that help students eventually navigate high school applications and placement, and prepares them for success in future schools and beyond.

French & Mandarin Immersion

Middle School students enroll in a French or Mandarin language track. Classes are differentiated by language level. Bilingual and advanced students continue to develop mastery in French or Mandarin supported by our scaffolded immersion approach.

Anglophone-only students are immersed in intensive French or Mandarin language instruction over the course of their Middle School years with the goal of proficiency and literacy by the end of 8th grade.