Early Childhood Annex: 2–4 Years

//Early Childhood Annex: 2–4 Years
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Science, Language & Arts International School’s Early Childhood Annex is housed in a charming townhouse with a private, enclosed back garden in Carroll Gardens, two blocks from the Carroll Street F/G stop.

At the Annex, children ages 2–4 learn about themselves and the world around them in a French immersion or Mandarin immersion setting. Through meaningful play, songs, games, and daily routines, students absorb the target language. Our teachers skillfully craft a welcoming and vibrant classroom environment and integrate art, science, and math into daily activities. Children enjoy time outdoors every morning and afternoon.

The program runs according to the academic year (September to June) and children must be at least 2 years old at the start of the school year to enroll. If seats are available in a particular section, applications will be accepted on a rolling admissions basis. Accordingly, families with children turning 2 during the school year may apply for admissions mid-year. Children need not have any prior exposure to the target language to apply.

Typical Day

(100 percent instruction in the target language)

8:15 am Arrival and free play at stations
(building, drawing, hand-eye work, math games, puzzles, etc.)
9:00 am Clean-up time
9:10 am School day begins with movement, meditation, and morning meeting
(songs, weather, reading a book about the current math/science topic, and discussion of related vocabulary)
9:45 am Math and art activities (small groups)
10:15 am Snack
10:30 am Outdoor play
11:15 am Science and pre-reading activities (small groups)
12:00 pm Lunch
12:45 pm Quiet activities (reading, puzzles, etc.)
1:00 pm Nap time or rest (children who do not nap rest or look quietly at a book)
1:45 pm Art and/or outdoor play
3:00 pm Dismissal (after-school activities begin)


Children may enroll at the Annex for two, three, or five days a week for full or half days.

After-School Care is available until 6 p.m. To learn more, visit our After-School Activities page.

Teachers work with families to meet the naptime needs of each child.

We do not require toilet training prior to enrollment. However, we do not actively toilet train children. Teachers will reinforce each family’s toilet training regimen at school.