Oral Fluency Practice

Our Oral Fluency Practice program is designed for children with limited exposure to the target language at home. These fun and informative games, stories, and conversations are tailored at a child’s level with options in French or Mandarin.


Math Practice

Mathematical skills and concepts are taught and practiced in this supplementary program for standards-based math support and/or challenge. SLA’s math practice program includes engaging skill-building math games and activities in English, French, or Mandarin.

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Private Tutoring

Children hone their skills with a private tutor, focusing on homework or other academic work in language, math, ELA, or a combination. Our seasoned teachers customize dynamic 1:1 or 1:2 sessions, which are available in English, French, Mandarin, or Italian.



Oral Language Practice & Math Practice

Number of SessionsRate
One per week$25 per student
Two per week$48 per student
Three per week$69 per student

Semi-Private/Private Tutoring

Length of SessionSemi-PrivatePrivate
45 minutes$45 per family$70 per family
60 minutes$55 per family$90 per family